Your Roofing Experts in Residential Roofing

At Total Home Exteriors, we understand that your roof is one of the most important components of your home. You can trust our experienced team to keep your roof up to date on zoning laws, building permit requirements, and homeowner's association guidelines. At Total Home Exteriors, we're equipped to tackle your entire home roofing needs from installation to repairs and maintenance.

Roof Installation

Total Home Exteriors stands by our work. We offer quality roof installations to homes throughout upstate South Carolina. When you are choosing your roofing material and roofing company you must check for the lifespan of your residential roofing, choose a material that lasts long and a roof type that requires minimal maintenance. However, it is also important to choose a roofing company that offers a comprehensive guarantee on the installation as well as on the roofing material. You should expect service and support when it's needed. Your roofing company should be prompt in attending to your service calls and maintenance calls so that the lifespan of your roof is maximized.
Roof Installation — Home Renovations in Anderson, SC
One of the most common problems with residential roofing, in general, is roof leakage. Only highly experienced companies will be able to install “the perfect” roof. So always work with companies that have several years of experience in the industry and companies that have a good reputation. Do your homework and read what past customers have to say about the various residential roofing companies in your area.

Architectural Shingles

Architectural shingles have a number of different looks and color blends, giving the roof a "layered" look. These laminated shingles weigh more and are stronger than economy shingles. As a result, they offer a greater degree of wind, tear and blow-off resistance in addition to greater value and longer warranties. Most are available with fungus resistance.

Three-Tab Shingles

These are the most common type of shingles on the market. They have a very flat appearance and are what most people picture when they think of the word "shingle." They are available in two basic categories: 20 and 25 years. The 25-year shingle is available with fungus resistance to keep the black streaks off of the roof.

Roof Repairs

Whether you're faced with a leaky roof, storm damage, or loose components, Total Home Exteriors is available to service your roof and ease your concerns. Our skilled roofers are equipped to handle a variety of roof repair issues, and because we understand that this is a stressful time, we'll go out of our way to treat you with the respect you deserve. Best of all, we won't take advantage of your situation by charging an arm and a leg. With Total Home Exteriors, you'll get quality service at a price you can afford. We'll even work with your insurance company to see if coverage applies.

Storm Damage Restoration

Few things have a bigger impact on the structural integrity of your home than a storm. Driving rain, high winds, hail, and many other factors can damage the exterior of any structure. When a storm hits our area, your best choice for storm damage restoration is Total Home Exteriors. We have the resources and experience to assess, repair, and restore your roof's integrity. We specialize in repairing damaged vinyl siding, soffits, fascia, gutters, etc. We can take care of the TOTAL job so that you don't have to deal with multiple contractors. At Total Home Exteriors, we provide the kind of quality roof repairs Upstate South Carolina needs. No matter how your home is damaged by a storm our estimators can quickly and professionally assess the damage and give you a full report of damages found.

What to do if you have or think you have storm damage to your roof

If given the opportunity, take photographs of the hail on the ground or on the roof. Also, make a note of the date of the hail/wind storm. Call your insurance company to inspect. A contractor need not be present. There are some rules of thumb regarding roof replacement vs repair after a hail event, and generally, this is recognized as 10 impact marks per 10 square feet. However, every insurance company has their own rules and guidelines. Don't always accept the insurance company's first settlement. Often times, we can review the insurance company's estimation and find various items that may have been left out. Adjusters are also human and can sometimes make mistakes on measurements, therefore all of this should be checked for accuracy by a competent roofing contractor after the insurance company has inspected.

Protect Your Rights

Beware of storm chasers. There is no doubt, if the storm is severe enough, the "Storm Chasers" will begin to knock on your door or generally harass you. Don't sign anything. Many storm chasers will "con" trusting property owners into agreeing to pre-hire them to do the repairs, and not even know it. Often the storm chaser will tell you that the agreement gives them permission to inspect your roof, or that the agreement gives them permission to negotiate with the insurance company. In most cases, you need not sign any agreements to give your insurance company permission to negotiate on your behalf. These agreements are actually "contingency agreements" or "direct payment agreements", and while a contingency agreement is not always a bad thing, a reputable roofing contractor will have no problem inspecting your roof without you signing over your power of attorney. If you sign a direct payment agreement, you will never see a penny of your money and the storm chaser will pocket it all. If you did sign a contingency agreement or agreement of any kind, remember you have three days to cancel the agreement, and I suggest you do so in writing immediately!

Roof Maintenance

Investing in regular maintenance of your residential roof is a smart decision. With regular care, you will likely avoid major roof repairs that can cost you a lot of money. Because there are different types of roofs, your maintenance needs and maintenance frequency will vary depending on the type of roof you have.

Residential Roof Maintenance Package

When complete, we will provide a written evaluation of your current roof condition. If any other issues are found, we will also provide a written estimate for repairing the problems. To ensure your investment is protected and maintained, Total Home Exteriors is offering this roof maintenance package for $299. This could save you thousands in the future.
  • Inspection of your entire roof
  • Cleaning of all debris from roof and gutters
  • Pipe collar replacements (This should be done every 7-10 years)
  • Sealing of all chimneys, walls and any other roof penetrations as needed
  • Repair of nail pops and secure loose shingles as needed