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Turn to Total Home Exteriors for gutter installation and replacement services. We provide seamless aluminum guttering to eliminate seams and reduce the possibility of leaks. Our gutters have a baked-on enamel finish, so you will never have to paint your gutter. All of our gutters are formed on the job site for exact measurements. Most jobs are completed in just one day!


Our gutter products are backed by a 100% "NO CLOG" guarantee. Leaf Solution is easily installed on existing gutter systems, both old and new, or it can be the perfect complement to new construction. Anyone that says Leaf Solution is not the best gutter protection system on the market must be a competitor! No holes, slits, louvers, or other openings that can allow debris to enter and collect in the gutters ... (not even a grain of sand!) A simple yet elegant low profile design – virtually unseen from the ground – unlike other bulky systems.

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The exclusive design and engineering of LeafSolutionPRO maximizes gutter and roof protection.

Custom-engineered 440-micron, stainless-steel mesh features holes large enough to maximize water flow, yet small enough to block shingle grit. The patented triple-dip Capillary Diversion System captures ALL rain water, even torrential quantities, forcing it into the gutter. The mesh is then integrated, vertically AND horizontally with a durable substrate, and assembled using a patented hemming process that prevents separating, sagging and stretching. Low-profile LeafSolutionPRO is easily installed under the shingle, at an angle to hide it from sight and maximize the self-shedding of debris.

Climbing a Ladder