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Which Home Improvement Projects Add The Most Value To Your Home?

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

With the recent boom in the real estate market, many people are looking to improve their homes before putting them up for sale. The big question then for these prospective sellers is what renovations have the greatest return once the home is sold?

Are major remodels the best for selling your home?

Some would believe that the best renovations for a home are those that are the most eye-catching such as new countertops for the kitchen, new flooring throughout the house, or perhaps new bathroom fixtures.

As it turns out many contractors, realtors, and architects feel that none of those things are as important to potential buyers as necessities such as new gutters, new roofing, and new exteriors. Many feel that if the home doesn’t have those basic updates to the structure’s overall maintenance, then buyers won’t make it past those details no matter how amazing the rest of the house is!

Research shows that 70% of buyers bought homes with a preconceived notion of what they were going to remodel about their new home before even closing on it, and that they were more conscious of the basic upkeep of the home than whether or not it had the newest and greatest appliances.

Which home improvements offer the greatest return for your investment?

According to Remodeling Magazine ( research shows that basic home maintenance such as new siding is proven to recoup 92.8% of its cost, which is much more than remodeling the home’s kitchen or bathroom is shown to recover. Replacing roofs and windows were also at the top of the list for return-on-investment figures as they were shown to return 80% or more of their cost when at resale.

Which home improvements have the best curb appeal?

Studies also show that the appeal of your home from the outside is very important for drawing buyers in. If they do not find your home impressive at first glance than more than likely they are not going to be interested in coming inside. The curbside appeal of your home is your first impression for potential buyers! That is why new siding is also very high on the list for return on investment. New siding on a home is one of the best ways to make the home look instantly well cared for!

Another great way to create curbside appeal for your home is the addition of a deck or garage!

Here at Total Home Exteriors, we offer many services to revamp you home! From replacing your roof or gutters to replacing your current siding, we are committed to bringing you the highest quality work, materials and craftmanship. Please give us a call today to begin on your next home improvement project.


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