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Storm Damage to Your Roof in South Carolina?

South Carolina is known to experience some extreme weather at times. Weather that could potentially leave your roof damaged as it protects your home!

According to research, March - May is the most likely time for South Carolina to experience hail! May has the highest incidence rate for hail storms over all other months, with an average of more than 5 hail storm events per year, states the South Carolina State Climatology Office.

What does storm damage look like?

Storm damage can come in many forms, including hail damage. Some of the most common types of storm damage are as follows:

  1. Wind Damage

  2. High wind speeds can dislodge shingles and your roof’s flashings. Flashings are located in your roof’s most vulnerable areas, so you want to ensure that none are missing or the integrity of your roof could be lessened. The adhesive seal that provides your roof its water-shedding surface could be damaged during a windstorm as well. This type of damage is not as easy to identify. Horizontal lines on the shingle surfaces are also an indicator of wind damage. Horizontal lines mean that granules have worn off the top 1-2 inches of the shingle and will lead it to flap against the shingle above it since its seal has been broken.

  3. Hail Damage

  4. One of the easiest ways to identify hail damage is to look at your roof’s flashings for small repeated indentions. You can also see indentions in your roof’s shingles but these small divots may be harder to see. Hail damage also loosens granules from your roof’s shingles. You will be able to see this accumulate in your downspout. A small amount of granules is normal following a hailstorm, but not a large amount.

  5. Falling Debris

  6. Storms can also cause debris to be deposited on your roof, whether small limbs from a near-by tree or, in some unfortunate incidents, a whole tree. If you see debris on your roof following a large storm it is always best to consult a professional to assess the damage to your roof.

All Home Improvement Estimates are completely free from the professionals at Total Home Exteriors. We will come out to assess your roof’s current state with no strings attached. If we find that your roof could benefit from service or a complete new install, we will give you a free estimate and work with your insurance to make your new roof installation as smooth as possible!

Call us today to schedule your estimate - 864.224.9190

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