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Hail Damage 101: What Does Hail Damage Look Like and How Serious Is It?

Hail damage causes millions of dollars of damage to homes each year! Even the smallest pieces of hail can cause damage depending on the wind speed, wind direction, material of the roof, age of the materials, and slope of the roof.

Many people overlook the damages caused by smaller pieces of hail because it seems unlikely they would do damage, but in fact they can dislodge granules from asphalt shingles and damage gutters and downspouts.

Larger pieces of hail can cause more obvious damage to roofs including:

  • Black colored dots

  • Dents caused by the hail – can lead to pooling of water

  • Bruised shingles

  • Soft to the touch – internal fracturing of the mat

  • Tears at the end of shingles

  • Missing pieces of shingles – makes it easier for water to reach beyond your roof

  • Splits in the shingles

  • Missing shingles – needs to be address immediately to prevent water damage


How can you detect roof damage from hail?

One of the easier ways to identify if you have possible roof damage is to look at your gutters! If your gutters appear to have dents and dings in them following a hailstorm then more than likely your roof has suffered damage as well.

You can also look to the siding of your home for an indication of roof damage. If there appears to be holes in your house’s siding because of the impact of the hail than it is likely your roof is also damaged.

While these are easier methods to identify if you have roof damage, they are not 100% certain, getting an evaluation from an experienced roofer is the only way to be sure that your home’s roof has not suffered any damage.

What happens when you don't treat hail damage to your roof?

Leaving a roof untreated from hail damage leads to leaks. Leaks can quickly cause even more damage to your home – turning into mold damage, electrical issues and rotting wood. Wood rot is hard to detect and can quickly lead to thousands of dollars of damage to your home. That’s why scheduling an appointment for a FREE estimate with an experience, insured roofer is so important!

Total Home Exteriors has been serving the Upstate of South Carolina for over 20 years. We offer a comprehensive guarantee on not only the installation but the roofing material as well. We also work with your insurance company to see if coverage applies, and we won’t take advantage of you by charging an arm and a leg during an already stressful time. Please give us a call today to ensure your home’s roof lasts as long as possible!

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