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Why Should Your Home Have Gutters?

Having gutters on a home for many is a given - something that is not questioned, but do you know the dangers of not having gutters, or having poorly functioning gutters?

What Do Gutters Do?

Gutters are attached to the edges of a roof in order to collect the rainwater that flows down the roof and divert it to drain further away from the house. Gutters can also collect water from melting snow. They are very simple in their design and function so they may seem inconsequential to many, but they perform a very important job!

Why are Gutters Important?

Rain Gutters main function is to divert water away from the structure of the home. Diverting water away from the home helps maintain the structural integrity of many aspects of the home, the basement from flooding and the foundation from erosion.

What does not having gutters mean for your home?

Pooling rainwater poses a major threat to all aspects of your home: your roof, the sills of your windows and your home’s interior walls. When rain falls it is pulled down by gravity and if your home does not have rain gutters, or your rain gutters are full of leaves and other debris, this falling water can pool on your roof.

The pooling water can then weaken any absorbant feature of your home, even the most water resistant materials when given enough time. Features that can possibly be damaged include: shingles, soffit and fascia of your roof, window sills, and interior walls.

Pooling rainwater can also cause your basement to flood. Damaging the area of many people’s homes that functions as their storage! A damaged basement also poses a huge threat to the rest of your home with the potential of mold, and weakened wood beams. Mold growth is linked to many health issues and can be life threatening to some individuals.

Rain gutters also divert water away from the foundation of the home, helping to prevent erosion. Erosion of the foundation can lead to the home settling downward which leads to structural problems including a cracked foundation on the exterior and sagging floors, crooked doors, cracks in the walls and baseboards or mold in the interior of the house.

If your home does not have gutters, has debris in the gutters, or your home is newly constructed, please give us a call to schedule a time where our experienced team members can meet with you!

We have been helping homeowners make the most of their homes for over 20 years. We can help you construct a new deck or detached garage, or replace your siding, gutters or roof!

Total Home Exteriors - Committed to Excellence for over 20 Years

Serving Anderson, Seneca, Easley, Greenville and Surrounding Cities of Upstate South Carolina.

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