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The Benefits of A Detached Garage for Your Home

Adding a Custom Detached Garage to your home in the Upstate of South Carolina is a great choice for adding storage, lessening noise in your home, making your home safe while adding more personality!

Custom Garages Are Great For Storage

Adding a custom garage to your home is a great way to free up space inside your home and move less frequently used items or seasonal items out of the way. Even if you have a garage attached to your home, adding a detached garage allows you to move storage to allow more space for your cars! Custom Detached Garages are perfect for storing seasonal decorations, sports equipment, recreational vehicles, or anything else your family enjoys.

Lessen the Amount of Construction Noise Inside your House with A Detached Garage

Detached garages are perfect for those of us who like to build things or fix things in their spare time. Adding a detached garage to your home allows you or your significant other to be as loud as you want without complaints from those inside your house. Being a homeowner involves numerous tasks to keep your home up to date and safe, or simply adding personal touches. Adding a detached garage allows you to create, build and fix in peace!

Keep Harmful Chemicals Safe with A Detached Garage

Keeping chemicals away from your living space not only keeps you and your family safe, but it also keeps your house safe from any possible accidents. Chemicals such as propane, gasoline, and even spray paint can be highly flammable and are commonly found in garages. These chemicals pose a real risk to any human should they be ingested and any home should they become volatile.

Adding a detached garage to your home in Upstate South Carolina allows you to have the freedom to do whatever you want with it! Make it a home office, a man cave, or a storage unit.

Whatever you'd like to do with it - leave it to Total Home Exteriors to build it! We handle everything for you. From foundation preparation to the final building inspection - we’ve got it taken care of. And your new garage is covered by our 2-year workmanship warranty!

Total Home Exteriors - Committed to Excellence for over 20 Years

Serving Anderson, Seneca, Easley, Greenville and Surrounding Cities of Upstate South Carolina.

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