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Preparing Your Roof for Santa's Sleigh

This upcoming winter season is bringing joy and holly to your home, but it’s also bringing snow, slush, and extra debris to your roof. Keep your roof in tip-top shape this winter with our tips, so Santa will have a sturdy and clean parking spot to land his sleigh!


Inspecting your roof for debris build-up, leaks, and sagging will prevent damage or help prevent further damage to your home. Meaning your money can go to Christmas gifts and not your roof! Removing branches, leaves, and other various debris will give you a clear view of potential damage. Areas of inspection include your roof valleys, attic, and gutters.

  • Gutters

  • Gutters help drain away water from your house and roof, so maintaining them is important to prevent damage. Clogging from debris will lead to overflow once the winter ice starts to thaw.

  • Roof and Frame

  • Clear out of the low points of your roof because roof valleys tend to collect the weight of water and debris. Checking the framing of your roof for sagging before Cracked or broken shingles and sealant are a sign that they need replacing or touching up.

  • Attic

  • Inspect your attic for undisturbed insulation and signs of ice dams, which are formed from the freezing and unfreezing of water beneath your shingles. It is important that you check that your attic is properly insulated, which can cost you in heating bills.


It is important to upkeep the maintenance of your roof after cleaning and fixing any problem areas. During the winter it is important that you monitor the condition of your roof, and inspect for potential damage caused by freezing temperatures, storms, and debris. Doing this will make for an efficient fix and clean for the next time.

Remember to always have professional help for your roof maintenance, and especially during the winter months when there is possibility of ice. If you are in Anderson, SC and ready to prepare for Santa, contact Total Home Exteriors today!

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