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With spring nearly underway here in Upstate South Carolina, many homeowners are looking forward to long, warm days enjoying the great outdoors. Adding a deck onto your home can create a great space for families to gather and enjoy quality time. A deck can add to the overall value of your home, but what other benefits are there to adding a deck? Let’s look at some ways a deck can enhance outdoor living for you and your family this spring.


Having a deck allows you to cook and eat outside with your family. Rather than being stuck inside while they play outside, a deck can provide a space for cooking outdoors, so you can spend more time together. Having a dining area on your deck can also increase your outdoor time every day and help you to unwind around the table with the ones you love.


Summer is a great time for family and friends to get together to enjoy each other’s company. Why keep your family and friends stuck inside when you could all be enjoying some sunshine? Decks provide a great space for entertaining your guests based on your specific desires.

When building a new deck you have the opportunity to include features that suit your needs. If you plan to have friends over for dinner on a regular basis, including a small outdoor kitchen and separate dining area can be a great idea. Alternatively, if you intend to use your deck just for lounging and relaxing, you may want to include a pergola for shade covering some outdoor couches. No matter what your needs are, a custom designed deck can meet them.


Maybe you don’t want to entertain the entire family. Or maybe you have no intention of eating outside on your deck, but rather just want a place to sit with a cup of coffee while the kids play down in the yard. A small, simple deck could be a great solution. Rather than spending time down in the yard while the kids or dogs play, you could sit up above and keep an eye on them while you relax.

Adding a deck onto your home not only increases the home’s value, but also your enjoyment of the space. Whatever your needs are, a custom built deck can meet them. At Total Home Exteriors we are experts in our field with years of experience creating dream decks for our customers. If you are in need of a deck builder in Anderson, SC; Easley, SC; Seneca, SC; Greenville, SC and surrounding areas, give us at Total Home Exteriors a call today to get started!

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